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Eastern Wharf

Your Next Shopping and
Dining Port of Call.

When it comes to retail, Eastern Wharf is a true destination unto itself – with a world of choices literally at your feet. Fast, fresh and local restaurants serving up delights morning, noon and night. Carefully selected boutique shops and conveniences. Health and wellness options to keep your body in tune. And on-site programming that connects it all to the park and waterfront. Whether it’s power shopping or power lunching, strolling the sidewalks of Eastern Wharf – with a village-like atmosphere all around you – you’ll always be glad you came.

Retail & Restaurants

Fast, fresh & local restaurants. Boutique & convenient retail. Blurb about fitness options.


For More Information, Contact:

Beth Vantosh

Vantosh Realty

Shannon Shuman Martin

Retail Leasing Advisors