Eastern Wharf

Inspired by Our Past.
A Vision for Our Future.

It’s impossible to imagine Savannah without our beloved river. The heart and soul of our community for generations. It’s given us commerce. Shaped our culture. Defined our character. And today, we’re proud to be creating something entirely new and special on the river’s edge. A warm, welcoming and walkable 54-acre gathering place with community parks, curated shops and restaurants, modern offices, luxury hotel rooms and beautiful riverfront residences. We can’t wait to welcome you.

Guiding Principles

Behind the Name.

In the early 1800s, the area commonly known as the Eastern Wharves District was a thriving hub of industry. Home to businesses such as A.N. Millers Foundry, Hydraulic Cotton Press Company and the Bullock and Winton Steam Saw Mill., the area saw decades of prosperity that played a key role in the state’s economic growth. And while the wharves eventually gave way to industrial progress, the legacy remains. Today, Eastern Wharf promises to once again be a hotbed for activity along the water’s edge. Historically grounded. Geographically descriptive. Simple and unadorned. Yet full of nostalgia that is so uniquely Savannah. It’s an inspired name we can all embrace.

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